Remote Agent and Agentless technologies provide access to any area of your network. Out of the box monitoring polices get you running quickly.



Create dashboards using many different widgets to display live and historical metrics. Build a custom decision support system laptop, desktop, or in your NOC!

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WildMetrix is built with realtime decision support in mind. With it's live streaming architecture and with the builtin dashboard framework, key metrics are seen at a glance.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014
WildMetrix 4.0.4 Released! This is a support and maintenance release which address reported issues. It also provides strengthend support for monitoring Exchange Server and VMware ESXi Hosts.

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Why You Need WildMetrix

If your business or team is looking for live visibility into application performance and faults to keep your services up, it is important that your monitoring tool gives you the right information. Being able to customize the tool to specifc needs provides quicker resolution times and reduces loss of business and productivity.