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WildMetrix version 5 Highlights

  • Real-time collection from Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) providers.
  • Integration and centralization of Windows Performance Toolkit for deep performance analysis.
  • Alert actions providing remediation, tracing, and additional logging during an incident.

Event Tracing for Windows (ETW)

New in WildMetrix 5 is real-time collection from Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) providers. ETW is a high performance logging mechanism already built into the Microsoft Platform and Applications, used for analyzing performance during development and troubleshooting in the field. It is a publisher-subscriber framework capable of producing detailed information from items l ike Disk IO, Process, and Thread Events to Custom Application function timing and event logging added by developers. WildMetrix leverages this rich data source of hundreds of registered trace providers for deeper insight into out of the box and custom applications as well as the platform and features. Accessible through the WildMetrix Extensibility Technology, events can be aggregated, trended, and alerted on for deeper insight into performance issues and health.

Windows Performance Tool Kit (WPT)

WildMetrix 5 now integrates and provides centralized management of Microsoft’s Windows Performance Tool Kit (WPT) from the WildMetrix Console and Alerts. WPT is a powerful tool built by Microsoft for analyzing system and application performance. WildMetrix integrates with WPT by providing a central interface to remotely record and analyze locally WPT traces produced both manually an as alert actions. Alert actions provide capture of key data at the time a performance or system event issues occur. Learn more about this integration with WPT: Learn more...

Alert Actions

Added new to WildMetrix 5 are Alert Actions built on the WildMetrix Extensibility Technology. An Alert Action provides unlimited capabilities to script remedial steps and capture system state at the critical time of an alert. When an alert occurs, commands can be run, services restarted, data accessed and analyzed, and even logging output from command line utilities, web API, database, files, or aggregated stats for correlation and further analysis with the improved WildMetrix Performance Correlation Analyzer.